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June 2024

It is time to abolish the expensive Fuel Tax Credit that incentivises fossil fuel use.

by Adam Gottschalk

The OECD has recently called for the end of Australia Fuel Tax Credits Scheme, which is growing in cost every year.

May 2024

Teachers pay more tax than the oil and gas industry

by Matt Grudnoff

Oil and gas companies claim they pay the wages of teachers and other public sector services, but teachers actually pay twice the tax.

The tax incentive for green hydrogen is a start, but it has a very, very long way to go

by Matthew Ryan

We need green hydrogen to have a net zero economy, but the amount estimated to be produced by the measures in the Budget show how far we have to go

Gas industry emissions will cost us much more than their so-called economic benefits

by Matthew Ryan

The emissions from the gas industry are delivering a devasting cost to our future

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