May 2024

Poverty is a policy choice

featuring Greg Jericho

According to the Productivity Commission, wealth inequality declined during the COVID years due to boosted government support payments. And when those payments finished, predictably inequality went back up. The overwhelming majority of gains from economic growth since the GFC have gone to the wealthiest people. On this episode, Greg Jericho discusses inequality, poverty, and government

April 2024

March 2024


featuring Greg Jericho

Australia’s recent gross domestic product (GDP) figures show that the economy is weak and people are struggling to keep up. So what can the federal government – and the Reserve Bank – do to help? Greg Jericho is Chief Economist at the Australia Institute and the Centre for Future Work and popular columnist of Grogonomics

February 2024

The Push to Stop Pork Barrelling

featuring Ebony Bennett and Bill Browne

Independent MP Helen Haines has introduced a bill to Parliament designed to prevent pork-barreling, where taxpayer money is allocated according to where it is needed to win votes, not where the public needs it most. This was recorded on Tuesday 27th February 2024 and things may have changed since recording. // @theausinstitute Guest: Bill Browne,

How John Howard Ruined Housing

featuring Greg Jericho

The Right to Disconnect is attracting criticism from business groups and others, saying it will reduce productivity. Well, it won’t. And do they mean productivity, or profits? Also, how negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount delivered massive tax breaks to the rich at the expense of affordable housing for the rest of Australia.

The Right to Disconnect

featuring Ebony Bennett and Jim Stanford

Federal Parliament is set to pass new industrial relations laws, including the ‘right to disconnect.’ This means that workers will legally be able to ignore calls outside of work hours. This was recorded on Tuesday 13th February 2024 and things may have changed since recording. // @theausinstitute Guest: Dr Jim Stanford, Director, the Centre for

The Great Gas Rort: Fixing the Petroleum Resources Rent Tax

featuring Mark Ogge and Ebony Bennett

Every year, the Commonwealth collects more revenue from HECS than it gets from the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax. The PRRT is so weak that gas companies love it! Mark Ogge explains the Government’s proposed changes, and how we can fix it to tax our gas companies fairly. This was recorded on Tuesday 6th February 2024

Stage 3 Tax Cuts reform: “The biggest and most honest piece of tax reform in decades”

featuring Ebony Bennett and Matt Grudnoff

It’s been a week for the books in Australian Politics history, with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announcing changes to the highly-criticised Stage 3 tax cuts. Which got the media, and the opposition, into a bit of a frenzy. So what’s changed, and how will it affect you? This was recorded on Tuesday 30th January 2024

January 2024

The War On Waste with Craig Reucassel | Summer Series

featuring Ebony Bennett and Nina Gbor

Our summer podcast series brings you some of the best conversations from our webinars and live events in 2023. 7 years ago, The ABC’s groundbreaking environmental series War On Waste firmly placed the nation’s attention on Australia’s waste issues and solutions. The new season investigated recycling in Australia, brought to light new waste topics, challenged

Global Financial Crisis 15 Years On: What Have We Learned? with Wayne Swan | Summer Series

featuring Ebony Bennett and Greg Jericho

Our summer podcast series brings you some of the best conversations from our webinars and live events in 2023. On 15 September 2008 came the collapse of Lehmann Brothers, the largest bankruptcy in US history. This set off a chain reaction and had a massive impact on the Australia financial system and economy. Across the

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