ACT: First Outside Europe to 100% Renewable Transition


The Australian Capital Territory is set to become the first major jurisdiction outside Europe to transition from a fossil fuel-based supply to 100% renewable electricity, according to a new report released to by the Australia Institute Climate & Energy Program.

The new research finds that on 1 October 2019, an energy offtake agreement with Hornsdale Wind Farm (SA) will commence, ensuring the ACT will meet its 100% renewable electricity target by 1 January 2020, and likely even ahead of this deadline.

The Australia Institute report, to be launched by ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr, finds that:

  • The ACT is set to become the first major jurisdiction (population 100,000+) outside Europe, to achieve this transition.
  • Globally, just seven other jurisdictions with populations over 100,000 have transitioned to 100% renewable electricity, and zero outside of Europe.
  • While there are some jurisdictions who have achieved 100% renewable energy based on historic investment in hydroelectricity, the ACT will join a select few to have made the transition from a fossil fuel-dominated energy system.
  • A further four jurisdictions (in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Uganda) also expect to transition to 100% renewable electricity during 2020.

“The ACT is a renewable energy trailblazer. Achieving 100% renewable status shows what governments can achieve with strong climate and energy policy,” said Richie Merzian, Climate & Energy Program Director at The Australia Institute.

“This shows that states and territories are leading the way on climate action while national governments often lag behind. Australia is a perfect example.

“The ACT is set to become the first outside of Europe to join the 100% renewables club.

“While some federal parliamentarians are trying to hit the brakes Australia’s energy transition, even Parliament House will soon run on 100% renewable energy.”

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