An Avoidable Catastrophe: Pandemic Job Losses in Higher Education

featuring Ebony Bennett, Eliza Littleton and Jim Stanford

Australia’s universities were uniquely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and recession. Now, 18 months after the borders were first closed, things are getting worse for universities, not better.

Australia’s higher education sector has been amongst those hit hardest by the pandemic. Just how bad is the damage? In a new report, the Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work takes a closer look at the harm caused to the sector and its workers and its long term consequences. // @theausinstitute // @CntrFutureWork
Host: Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director at the Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett
Jim Stanford, economist and director, Centre for Future Work // @JimboStanford
Eliza Littleton, research economist, The Australia Institute // @elizalittleton
Producer: Jennifer Macey //@jennifermacey
Theme Music: Pulse and Thrum; additional music by Blue Dot Sessions

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