AUKUS and the nuclear submarine debacle

featuring Allan Behm, Ebony Bennett and Ben Oquist

Exploring the economic, political and strategic implications of Australia dumping a $90 billion French submarine program to secure a deal with the US and UK for nuclear-powered submarines.

Australia blind-sided France and the Australian public by dumping a $90 billion French submarine deal in favour of a new trilateral security partnership with the UK and USA, including a deal to secure Australia nuclear-powered submarines. In this episode we explore the ramifications of this historic policy shift, made with zero democratic debate in Australia.

Host: Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director at the Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett
Ben Oquist, Executive Director, The Australia Institute // @benoquist
Allan Behm, International & Security Affairs program director // @mirandaprorsus
Producer: Jennifer Macey // @jennifermacey
Theme Music: Pulse and Thrum; additional music by Blue Dot Sessions

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