Australia Carbon Emissions Reach New Peak

New government data released today shows Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are still on the rise and Australia is still not on track to meet our Paris target.

New Australia Institute analysis shows emissions are at their highest since June 2011 (before the introduction of the carbon price).

“Over the last five years this Government has failed to put in place any policies that have reduced Australia’s national emissions,” said Matt Grudnoff, report author and senior economist at The Australia Institute.

“This also makes it the fourth year in row that emissions have been increasing.

“On the same day that the Prime Minister has been criticising children for striking for climate action the Government’s own data shows that Australia’s emissions continue to rise.”

“This data is an embarrassment for the Environment Minister right as she takes off for her first UN Climate Conference. It shows the Government’s policies are not just failing to reach the target, they are failing to even reduce emissions,” said Richie Merzian, Climate & Energy Program Director at The Australia Institute.

“If Australia is to meet its Paris Target then the Government needs actual climate policies in order to reduce our emissions.

“The Government can’t claim credibility from the Kyoto Protocol to show it can reduce emissions and meet targets. Kyoto 1 allowed emissions to increase and used land clearing loopholes to reach target. Without those loopholes emissions would have increased by 28%.

“The Government banked credits from increasing emissions under Kyoto 1 in order to be on target to reach Kyoto 2. Without credits, rather than reduce emissions by 5%, emissions would be flat under Kyoto 2.

“The Government doesn’t have any loopholes and escape clauses to reach Paris target. To reach that target emissions will actually have to reduce.”

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