Australians Want a Price on Pollution, Regret Abbott’s Repeal

New analysis from The Australia Institute’s Climate & Energy Program has revealed that the bulk of Australians believe that the Government under Abbott made the wrong decision in scrapping the price on pollution and 63% of people want to see the policy reinstated.

“This analysis shows that, despite 2013 supposedly being a referendum on carbon pricing, Australians want comprehensive action on climate change,” said Richie Merzian, Climate & Energy Program Director at The Australia Institute.

“Tony Abbott’s time in the Lodge may have been short-lived, but the climate policy chaos he left in his wake is proving to be far more enduring. More than twice as many people (49%) believe Australia would be better off if the price on pollution had been left in place than the number of people (19%) who think the country is better off thanks to it being scrapped. 

“The fact that nearly two thirds (63%) of Australians want to see the policy reinstated actually makes a price on pollution significantly more popular than the current government.

“There are many different policy mechanisms, from a carbon tax or an Emissions Intensity Scheme to an extended Renewable Energy Target, the original National Energy Guarantee or to measures like those announced by the Opposition this week, that could help to tackle dangerous global warming. What’s more important than the mechanism, however, is the overall ambition and ability to ramp up reductions to enable Australia to do its fair share in tackling climate change.

“This result, combined with the recent loss in Wentworth, shows that if the government wants to arrest its slide in popularity, it needs to implement an ambitious and comprehensive policy to tackle global warming.”

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