Carmichael vs The World


The proposed Adani Carmichael mine would produce carbon emissions comparable or greater than major world cities and whole nations. 

The data reveals that The Carmichael Adani mine would single-handily produce almost twice the emission of Tokyo – a city with a bigger population than Australia. 

The report from The Australia Institute also reveals the coal produced in the Galilee would, when burned, would produce carbon emissions than Malaysia. 

Figure 1: Annual CO2-e emissions; major cities as a share of Carmichael mine’s average emissions

Carmichael vs the world

Chief Economist of The Australia Institute, Dr Richard Denniss, in Europe ahead of the Paris Climate Summit launched the report. 

“World leaders are gathering in Paris to figure out how to reduce emissions. One thing that’s become clear to most is that you can’t support action on climate change and also support massive fossil fuel expansion. The two are simply incompatible,” Denniss said. 

Environment Minister Greg Hunt previously described the Prime Minister’s commitment to climate change: 

“Malcolm Turnbull has a very clear, strong, passionate view about climate change [and] reducing emissions” 

“On economic, social and environmental grounds, this project remains a non-starter. There’s a real opportunity for a new Prime Minister to show his climate credentials,” Dr Denniss said. 

Earlier this year, The Australia Institute gave expert testimony in a previous court challenge to the mine, which then revealed major inconsistencies between Adani’s financial claims and their own economist’s calculations.

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