Conservatives And Climate Change With Bob Inglis

featuring Ebony Bennett

Follow The Money this week features former Republican Congressman for South Carolina, Bob Inglis on his Australian tour, hosted by The Australia Institute.

Bob Inglis is a very rare bird indeed. He’s a real conservative – Christian, Southern, ‘small-government’, you name it. But his greatest passion is tackling climate change. You heard right! Inglis has become a leading advocate on how to communicate with and convince conservatives that they can be leaders on this issue and there is no need to ‘retreat into denialism’. 

Bob set up which advocates for a border-adjustable, revenue neutral carbon tax. Find out why Bob says this should be an irresistable proposition to true conservatives.


  • Bob Inglis, Director of and former US Congressman @bobinglis
  • Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director of The Australia Instute @ebony_bennett 

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