Declare War on Global Warming, Say SA Voters as Climate Election Looms

New research from The Australia Institute, released just weeks out from the Federal Election, shows that a majority of South Australian voters want the government to mobilise all of society, “like they mobilised everyone during the world wars”, to tackle global warming.

The state-wide polling also found that a majority of South Australians support a range of ambitious climate policies including a rapid transition to renewable energy, no new coal mines and publicly funded research into zero-carbon industrial and agricultural practices.

“The climate will be a huge issue at this election and South Australians want the government to take serious, emergency action now,” said Noah Schultz-Byard, The Australia Institute’s SA projects manager.

“Our climate is changing and the level of public concern about global warming is increasing. While it may have been possible for a party seeking broad support to deny or downplay the significance of global warming in the past, those days are now behind us.

“What this research tells us is that South Australians understand that we have the solutions available to tackle global warming and politics is now the only thing holding us back.”

The arguments that Australia’s climate action is irrelevant on an international level or that tackling global warming will leave us worse off were rejected by a majority of South Australians.

“After suffering through a summer that broke temperature records across the state, South Australians are ready for their government to take action,” said Mr Schultz-Byard.

“We already know that controversial projects that will accelerate global warming, like drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight, are deeply unpopular with South Australian voters.

“Previous Australia Institute research has shown that Adelaide residents can expect to experience many more days over 35 and 40 degrees each year, unless we do more to tackle global warming.”

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