Equinor’s Bight Plans Rightly Knocked-Back by Regulator

The Australia Institute has welcomed NOPSEMA’s decision to knock-back Equinor’s plans to drill exploratory oil wells in the Great Australian Bight.

“NOPSEMA have made the right decision in knocking-back this application. BP and Chevron have already been sent packing and now the other companies lining up to exploit the Bight should take the message and move on,” said Noah Schultz-Byard, The Australia Institute’s SA projects manager.

“Our research has found that the majority of people in South Australia and across the country do not want to see the Great Australians Bight opened up to drilling.

“Drilling in the Bight is risky from both an environmental and economic perspective, putting thousands of jobs across South Australia and Tasmania at risk.

“It is striking that, even in Australia’s relatively lax approval environment, drilling in the Bight has proven to be unfeasibly dangerous on multiple occasions.

“The Australian Parliament should now get on with legislating to protect the Great Australian Bight and begin the process of applying for the area to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“Doing so would boost tourism in South Australia and protect the fisheries and aquaculture industries that so many regional communities rely on.”

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