Fuel Excise Cut ‘Bad Economic Policy’

The Federal Government Budget 2022 has cut the fuel excise by 22 cents for a six month period.

“The fuel excise cut is bad economic management, bad economic policy, and bad policy full stop,” said Richie Merzian, climate & energy director at the Australia Institute.

“For the last nine years this government has kept Australians hooked on foreign oil. They’ve been caught asleep at the wheel and are now scrambling. We have seen no Government action on fuel efficiency standards, on vehicle electrification, or on public and active transport, and it is Australians who are paying the price.

“At the current rate of the global oil price rise, this short-term fuel discount sugar hit will be wiped out by mid-year – and that’s if it is passed on to customers at the bowser in full.

“It doesn’t matter what the problem is for this government, the solution is always more money for gas. Gas fracking in the NT, gas-based hydrogen, and nothing for electric vehicles.”

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