Global moratorium on coal push from the Pacific – an urgent wake up call for Australia


Today’s call by the President of the Republic of The Kiribati for a coal moratorium is a wake-up call for the Australian Government who, only last week, was publicly expressing support for the construction of the enormous Adani – Carmichael mine in Queensland. 

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“As the world prepares to meet in Paris to plan how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in December, Prime Minister Abbott is expediting the construction of a coal mine which will generate 4 billion tonnes of CO2 over its life,” said Ben Oquist, Executive Director of The Australia Institute. 

“Indeed just yesterday in launching Australia’s Paris targets, Prime Minister Abbott made a special effort to continue to push the need for more Australian coal, not less. 

“This is patently at odds with any sensible global climate policy,” said Mr. Oquist. 

Australia has a larger share of the world seaborne coal market than Saudi Arabia has of the world oil market. 

The three mega-coal mines proposed for Queensland’s Galilee basin, if completed, would pour an additional 100 million tonnes of coal per year into the world market, further lowering the coal price and increasing greenhouse gas emissions 

“There is no plausible scenario in which a world that is tackling climate change is a world that needs more coal mines. 

“President Tong should be commended for his leadership and vision,” said Mr. Oquist.

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