Hedging bets on nuclear safety; is the mining sector important; get the inside scoop on economics


Nuclear industry hedging its bets on safety

nuclearAs Japan faces the aftermath of the triple tragedies of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear pollution the world is again forced to confront the consequences of the faith it has placed in nuclear energy. read more…

Just how important is the mining sector to Australia?

miningWe all know that Australia is in the midst of a mining boom but does it deserve to be considered the darling of the economy? read more…

The hidden unemployed

The official unemployment rate is just the tip of the iceberg in Australia. If we include all those who want to work then the real unemployment rate should be 14.3 per cent. read more…

Do you or your colleagues need to know more about economics?

Understanding economicsNew courses offered by The Australia Institute

The Australia Institute offers tailored courses on understanding economic concepts and how they apply to your specific circumstances. read more…

New contact details for The Australia Institute

Contact detailsThe Australia Institute recently moved premises to the University of Canberra and our contact details have changed. read more…

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