I’m Here For An Argument – Why Bipartisanship On Security Makes Australia Less Safe

featuring Ebony Bennett

North Korean missile tests, resolving the South China Sea issues, ethnic cleansing in Myanmar – there is a lot happening in the defence and security policy space right, but are we engaged enough to tackle these problems in a smart way?

Dr Andrew Carr of the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the ANU has written a new report for the Australia Institute I’m here for the argument: why bipartisanship on security makes Australia less safe.  

Andrew argues that the blind commitment to bipartisanship when it comes to security and defence restricts policy creativity and accountability, reduces public engagement with critical issues and saps national unity.

Host: Deputy Director Ebony Bennett @ebony_bennett

Contributors: Dr Andrew Carr, ANU @aocarr 

Producer: Jennifer Macey @jennifermacey // Title Track: Jonathan McFeat pulseandthrum.com

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