Making the boom pay … if not now, when?



“The future is in our hands, and it will be defined by the way we handle the current minerals boom. Get it wrong, and we falter. Get it right and we set the nation up for decades to come.” Prime Minister, the Hon. Julia Gillard, The Australian, 4 February 2011.

So, with the news of job losses in the manufactoring sector and more pain likely to come from the high Australian dollar, are we getting it right or wrong?

Join The Australia Institute and Catalyst for a vital conversation about ways to ensure the benefits of the mining boom flow through to all Australians, not just a lucky few.

The Making the boom pay … if not now, when? conference, to be held in Sydney on Thursday 8 September, brings together international and local speakers to discuss the impact of the mining boom on the broader economy and how to manage it better.

Speakers include international finance expert Ann Pettifor from Advocacy UK, Ed Husic MP, Julian Disney, Saul Eslake, Ged Kearney, Jessica Irvine, Paul Cleary, Tony Maher and more.

The Institute’s Executive Director Dr Richard Denniss will pose the question, ‘Does Australia ride on the miner’s back?, and offer his typically unconventional take on the answer.


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