New Tasmanian Leader an Opportunity to Change Direction on Privatisation, Transparency

The Australia Institute wishes Premier Will Hodgman, one of Tasmania’s most popular premiers, all the best for his future endeavours.

The Premier can be proud of many of his achievements, particularly leading the government into a pro-renewable energy stance.

Will Hodgman’s retirement will present both a challenge and opportunity for the Tasmanian Government, The Australia Institute has said. At the last election he secured 38% of the first preference vote in Franklin, 4% above all of the ALP vote combined.

“He is definitely going out while on top, but leaving mid-term will also give his successor time to change course and establish themselves before the next election,” says Leanne Minshull, Director of The Australia Institute Tasmania.

“The Premier Will Hodgman has stressed he is stepping down to allow more time for a new leader to make their mark before the next election in 2022.

“The Liberals will have at least three candidates to choose from to take over, but Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockliff, a moderate, is probably the candidate with the broadest community appeal.

“This provides an opportunity for whoever the new leader is to change direction on some of the least popular policies of the current government.

“Australia Institute research has shown the Government’s policy of privatising Tasmania’s wild places, as well as growing secrecy and a lack of transparency, are deeply unpopular with the Tasmanian people.

“A change in direction on these policies could go some way in compensating for the departure of a very popular premier.”

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