Nordic Talks: Pedalling Health – Healthy and sustainable cities in Denmark and Australia [Webinar]

featuring Ebony Bennett


In Denmark, the bicycle has been recognised as a fast, efficient, and sustainable mode of transportation for decades, and the key to more liveable cities and happy, healthy people – supported by a network of safe cycling infrastructure and a positive cycle culture as part of healthy urban design which also means fewer food deserts.

In this discussion, we will explore how Australia could move closer to Danish cycle culture and healthier design of cities, to not only improve the health of the planet, but the people on it.

This is one of a five-part special series of Follow the Money presented by the Nordic Talks series, presented by the Nordic Policy Centre at the Australia Institute, with support from The Nordics, a project under The Nordic Council of Ministers.

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The Australia Institute // @theausinstitute


Marianne Weinreich, Market Manager, Ramboll Smart Mobility; Chair, Cycling Embassy of Denmark // @mobimaw

Dr Sandro Demaio, Chief Executive Officer, VicHealth // @SandroDemaio

Host: Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director, the Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett

Producer: Jennifer Macey // @jennifermacey

Edited by: Emily Perkins

Theme Music: Pulse and Thrum; additional music by Blue Dot Sessions

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