Open letter – political donations from the gambling industry

To Premier Will Hodgman and Opposition Leader Rebecca White,

Public trust in government is at an all-time low around Australia. We are working together to improve accountability and trust in public administration at a state and federal level.

After the long-standing allegations about the role of the gambling industry in the fall of the Tasmanian Liberal government in 1972 and the ongoing efforts of Federal Hotels to maintain its monopoly, most recently highlighted by the work of James Boyce and the ABC’s 7:30 report, we are concerned with the undue influence of the gambling industry on the integrity of government in Tasmania.

Transparency is key to improving public trust. The public has a right to know if the influence of the gambling industry continues today.

We are calling on all parties and candidates to disclose donations and other campaign support from the gambling industry before the upcoming state election on 3rd March.

Name Position
The Hon David Harper AM QC Former judge Supreme Court of Victoria, member National Integrity Committee
The Hon Anthony Whealy QC Chair, Transparency International, former judge of the NSW Court of Appeal
Professor the Hon Carmen Lawrence Professor, University of Western Australia, former Premier of Western Australia, former Commonwealth Minister for Health and Human Services,
Nicholas Cowdery AM QC Former NSW DPP
The Hon Michael Beahan AM former President, Australian Senate
John Menadue AO public commentator
Fiona McLeod SC Barrister, former President of the Law Council of Australia
Stephen Keim SC Barrister
Geoffrey Watson SC Barrister, former counsel assisting NSW ICAC
Kristine Hanscombe QC Barrister
Emeritus Professor Meredith Edwards AM, ASSA ANZSOG Institute for Governance, University of Canberra
Josh Bornstein Principal, Maurice Blackburn
Ben Slade Principal, Maurice Blackburn
Joshua Jones Barrister
Alex McKean Barrister
Professor Tim Prenzler Program leader, Criminology and Justice, University of Sunshine Coast
Corrine Grant Lawyer, Maurice Blackburn
Richard Gould Tribunal Member
Evelyn Doyle FOI advocate
Professor Cameron Hazlehurst Professor, Australian National University
Klaas Woldring former Associate Professor, Southern Cross University
Dr David Morawetz Former Associate Professor of Economics at Boston University, Former Economic Consultant to the World Bank
Howard Whitton Visiting fellow, University of Canberra
Dr Valarie Sands Chair, Australian Citizens Against Corruption
Jonathon Hunyor CEO, Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Steve Rothfield MBA, CPA Director, Fairer Futures Fund and Australian Communities Foundation Director
Jackie Yowell Publishing Consultant, Director, Fairer Futures Fund
Tony Kenyon Principal, Kenyon Legal

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