Pledge results show widespread independent and crossbench support for an end to native forest logging


Fifty-seven independent and minor party candidates across all five electorates have signed Sophie Scamps MP’s Forest Pledge ahead of the Tasmanian election, setting the stage for the next parliament to end native forest logging in Tasmania.

Key Findings

  • Australia Institute research shows 57% of Tasmanians are opposed to the Liberal Government’s plan to make 40,000 hectares of native forest available for logging; with only 37% in support.
  • Only among Liberal voters do more support (70%) than oppose (23%) the proposal (73% of Labor, 96% of Greens, 65% of Jacqui Lambie Network, 77% of independent and 50% of other voters opposed to the proposal).
  • A majority of Tasmanians (58%) believe the upcoming state election is most likely to produce a minority government.
    57 candidates have signed the Forest Pledge, including key independents and minor party candidates.

“Australia Institute research shows that Tasmanian voters are anticipating a minority government and that there is significant community concern about the Liberal Party’s plan to open 40,000 hectares of native forest to logging,” said Vanessa Bleyer, Australia Institute spokesperson on native forests.

Australia Institute research shows 99% of Tasmanians do not work in forestry and Tasmanian forestry production is largely transitioned to plantation timber – not native forest logging.

“With fifty-seven candidates signing the Forest Pledge, there is a very real possibility that the next parliament will feature a crossbench committed to ending native forest logging, and that voters will be expecting action.”

Read the list of signatories here.

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