Poll: North/South Divide on Climate Action Exposed as Political Myth

The much-hyped ‘North/South divide’ on climate action is a political misconception, according to new research from The Australia Institute.

The research shows that the majority of Australian voters across states and poltical allegiance are concerned by climate change, and want the Government to mobilise on the issue, “like they mobilised everyone during the world wars”.

Key Findings:

  • 60% of Victorians and 57% of Queenslanders agreed that Australia is facing a climate change emergency and should take emergency action (58% nationwide).
  • More respondents in Queensland (56%) than Victoria (51%) support the Government mobilising climate efforts like they mobilised everyone during the world wars.
  • Less than a third of voters (28%) agreed that what Australia does on climate change will make no difference.

The nation-wide polling also found that a majority of Australians support a range of ambitious climate policies including a rapid transition to renewable energy (68% support), no new coal mines (53% support) and publicly funded research into zero-carbon industrial and agricultural practices (63% support).

“Australians are already experiencing the impacts of climate change, and after a record breaking hot summer, voters want political leaders to actually lead on climate action.” said Richie Merzian, Climate & Energy Program Director.

“The majority of Australians, whether its in Victoria or Queensland, recognise climate change is an emergency and the country needs to mobilise with the same cooperation and commitment as a war effort.

“The research tells us Australians understand that solutions, like a rapid transition to renewables, are ready and available and the only thing holding the country back is political courage.

“Even coal mining, once a publicly irreproachable industry is now seen as an industry to stop rather than grow, with more than one in two  Australians supporting no new coal mines constructed.”  

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