Polling: Kooyong Voters Want Greater Action on Climate and Corruption


Research conducted by the Australia Institute has found the desire for action on climate change and corruption in politics remains high in the federal electorate of Kooyong.

The Australia Institute surveyed voters in the electorate of Kooyong about their satisfaction with the government and their desire for action on a range of policy fronts.

Key Findings:

  • Kooyong 2PP: IND Monique Ryan 51%, Liberal 49%
  • Cost of living is the number one political issue (35%), with climate change the number two issue (26%) in Kooyong
  • Independent voters in Kooyong rated climate change (50%) as their number one political issue, with cost of living second (18%)
  • A majority of voters in Kooyong want the Labor Government to do more on both climate change (57%) and corruption (83%) in this term of parliament
  • On the Indigenous Voice referendum, the ‘Yes’ vote (50%) is greater than the ‘No’ vote (42%) in Kooyong
  • A significant majority of independent voters in Kooyong (87%) plan to vote ‘Yes’ in the Indigenous Voice referendum

“Australian politics changed at the 2022 election and our research shows how that fundamental shift towards greater action on climate change and corruption is likely here to stay,” said Richard Denniss, executive director of the Australia Institute.

“Support among Kooyong voters across the political spectrum remains high for greater action on climate change and corruption in this term of parliament. This is especially true among independent voters.

“Our research shows that Australian voters are looking for representatives that are willing to take on their key issues of concern, including cost of living and climate change, in a meaningful way.

“Any political party that ignores this shift in the desires of the electorate runs the risk of being left behind.”

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