Polling: Voters Still Think Coalition Will Cut Company Tax for Big Business

Almost four in ten voters think that a re-elected Coalition Government would try to cut company tax for big business, even after being explicitly told the Coalition Government had announced they would no longer pursue big business company tax cuts.

Respondents were told that last year then-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that the Coalition Government would no longer pursue the big business company tax cuts. They were then asked which approach to company tax the Coalition Government was most likely to try if it wins the next election. 

“Our research shows almost four in ten voters believe that the Coalition is still going to cut company tax for big business,” said Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director of the Australia Institute.

“As Treasurer, after staking so much on these unpopular big business company tax cuts which were ultimately rejected by the Senate, it seems now Prime Minister Scott Morrison has some work to do to shake this reputation with voters.”

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