SA Voters Overwhelmingly Back Increased Health Funding in Key Election Battle

New research from The Australia Institute shows that South Australians rank health, the economy and climate change as the three most important political issues in South Australia ahead of the next state election.

The Australia Institute’s survey of a representative sample of 599 South Australians also found the vast majority of voters would prefer it if additional public funding went to the health system instead of the government’s proposed sporting and convention centre complex.

Key findings:

  • Four in 10 voters (38%) say health is the most important political issue right now.
    • One in four voters (24%) rate the economy as most important and 12% rate climate change as most important.
  • Voters are just as likely to trust the Liberal Party as they are the Labor Party to manage the state’s health system (36% each).
  • Eight in 10 voters (82%) would prefer public funding go towards the health system instead of a sports and convention centre complex, as proposed by the government.
    • More than seven in 10 voters for every political party prefer health spending to the sports and convention centre proposal.
    • Greens voters are the most likely to support the sports and convention centre (18%), while Labor and Other voters are the least likely (4%).

“Voters can expect a strong campaign with a focus on health, the economy and climate change over the next six months,” said Noah Schultz-Byard, SA Director at The Australia Institute.

“In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, health is shaping up as the key political battleground in South Australia.

“The economy and climate change are also sitting top of mind for a significant number of SA voters.

“All signs point to a close election. While the Liberal Party is more trusted to handle the economy, the two major parties are neck and neck when it comes to which is more trusted to handle the health system.

“Our research shows that the opposition’s proposal to increase funding to the health system, in place of building a new sports and convention centre development, is very popular among South Australians voters.”

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