Solutions available with no intent to take them in aged care

by Matt Grudnoff

Incoherent is one way to describe this budget. Nowhere is this more evident or more tragic than in aged care. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety showed in a raw and uncompromising way how important reform was for the sector.

It also put forward a comprehensive plan on how to fix the problem.

This budget confirms the government has little intention of fully funding even the basic reform plan from the royal commission. Instead, it has scattered bits and pieces of funding across the sector.

There are more home care packages that are welcome, but will not eliminate the backlog.

There are 33,800 new training places, but no pay rise for overworked and underpaid aged care staff.

What all the new aged care funding in the budget has in common is that it is simply trying to stop things getting worse in the short term. There is no plan for long term reform.

Without this reform the tragic stories that came out of the aged care royal commission will just keep repeating.

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