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The missing $24 billion

budget If this budget had a cliché it would be ‘missed opportunity’. If the Gillard Government collected the same rate of tax that the previous Liberal Government did they would have an extra $24 billion per year to spend on their priorities.

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Spreading the benefits of the boom only so far

mining Beyond the feel-good sound bite, how accurate is it to describe the budget as spreading the benefits of the boom? All of the $4 billion in subsidies to the mining industry were left untouched.

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Flick pass to Glenn Stevens

bank The government’s obsession with achieving a surplus of one per cent of GDP seems to be the new medium term goal around which spending decisions have to conform. The problem of short term macroeconomic stability now appears to be the job of the Reserve Bank and the Commonwealth is to avoid any responsibility. This division of responsibilities is new.

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A promise delayed is a promise denied

global Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world living in the wealthiest point in world history and in the middle of a mining boom.  Australia can afford to respond to those in need both within and beyond our borders, especially if it is so keen to pursue a greater international role through gaining a seat on the UN Security Council.

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What history teaches us about a boom

bust Reading this year’s budget one is reminded of the cargo cult mentality that was expressed by Treasury in the late years of the Fraser government. Substitute Japan for China and this could be 1979 or 1980.

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