The Forest Pledge: 2024 Tasmanian Election


The Australia Institute invited all independent candidates and participating parties in the Tasmanian election to sign The Forest Pledge, adding 57 candidate signatures.

Dr Sophie Scamps, MP, launched The Forest Pledge last November and caught media attention with its lengthy list of prominent current and former Australian politicians, such as David Pocock and Peter Garrett, who had signed.

The “heartfelt plea to urgently end industrial logging of native forests across Australia” builds on the momentum of the historic native forest bans announced in Victoria and Western Australia in 2023. The Australia Institute, which first published research calling for Tasmania to end native forest logging in 2013, signed the Forest Pledge in 2023.

The Liberal Party announced a 40,000-hectare expansion to native forest logging on February 28th. The Australia Institute’s research shows that 57% of Tasmanians oppose the Liberal Government’s plan.

Candidates who have made the Forest Pledge


  • Alexander, Lara (IND)
  • Ball, Lauren (GRN)
  • Barnett, Carol (GRN)
  • Davenport, Jack (IND)
  • Davis, Ivan (AJP)
  • Fittler, Jack (GRN)
  • Hall, Tom (GRN)
  • Hendry, Calum (GRN)
  • Layton-Bennett, Anne (GRN)
  • Rosol, Cecily (GRN)
  • Walker, Tim (IND)


  • Briggs, Darren (GRN)
  • Garland, Craig (IND)
  • Kersey, Sarah (GRN)
  • King, Julia (AJP)
  • Lovell, Leeya (GRN)
  • McLoughlin, Michael (GRN)
  • Morrow, Erin (GRN)
  • Ward, Susanne (GRN)
  • Wilden, Petra (GRN)


  • Campbell, Sam (LN)
  • Bayley, Vica (GRN)
  • Burnet, Helen (GRN)
  • Davies, Casey (AJP)
  • Formby, Frank (LN)
  • Hickey, Sue (IND)
  • Hoare, Trenton (GRN)
  • Johnston, Kristie (IND)
  • Jones, Peter (GRN)
  • Lohberger, Ben (IND)
  • Nunn, David (LN)
  • Shelley, Janet (GRN)
  • Vogel, Stefan (IND)
  • Volf, Nathan (GRN)
  • Zalotockyj, James (GRN)
  • Zollner, Ranae (LN)


  • Cambers-Smith, Jenny (GRN)
  • Campbell, Christine (GRN)
  • Cordover, Gideon (GRN)
  • Cordover, Tamar (IND)
  • Darko, Jade (GRM)
  • Delaney, Martine (LN)
  • Ellison, Bob (IND)
  • Fitzgerald, Owen (GRN)
  • Glade-Wright, Clare (IND)
  • Mrosek, Lukas (GRN)
  • Thomas-Wurth, Jehni (AJP)
  • Woodruff, Rosalie (GRN)


  • Allan, Alistair (GRN)
  • Badger, Tabatha (GRN)
  • Brown, Craig (GRN)
  • Branch-Allen, Jenny (IND)
  • Gralton, Anna Megan (AJP)
  • Houghton, Mitch (GRN)
  • Miller, Glenn (GRN)
  • Rubenach-Quinn, Hannah (GRN)
  • Whisson, Gary (GRN)

Declined to sign

  • Liberal Party of Tasmania
  • Jacqui Lambie Network
  • Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party of Tasmania

No response

  • Australian Labor Party (Tasmanian Branch)

A Pathway out of Native Forest Logging

Dr Richard Denniss, the Executive Director of The Australia Institute joined Dr Sophie Scamps, Independent Member for the Federal Electorate of Mackellar in Launceston as part of our Pathway Out of Native Forest series. You can watch the discussion here.