Australia still has no federal anti-corruption commission, more than 2 years after the Coalition government promised to enact one. Worse, there are several serious flaws with the government’s proposed model for a Commonwealth Integrity Commission. Join two former judges, the Hon Anthony Whealy QC and the Hon David Harper AM QC as they explain why that the government’s model will be weak and ineffective at fighting serious and systemic corruption.
Host: Ebony Bennett, deputy director of the Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett
The Hon Anthony Whealy QC, former Judge of the NSW Court of Appeal, Assistant Commissioner ICAC
The Hon David Harper AM QC, former Judge of the Victorian Supreme Court of Appeal
Both are members of the National Integrity Committee of former judges, auspiced by the Australia Institute
Producer: Jennifer Macey //@jennifermacey
Theme music: Jonathan McFeat from Pulse and Thrum with additional music from Blue Dot Sessions

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