The power of political leadership and evidence-based policy | Climate Integrity Summit Panel


What would an evidence-based response from the government to climate change look like? And how can we build integrity back into our democratic system?

At the Climate Integrity Summit 2024, our first panel discussed the power of political leadership and evidence-based policy.


Bernie Fraser, Former Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia
Dr Monique Ryan MP, Independent Member for Kooyong
Dr Sophie Scamps MP, Independent Member for Mackellar
Dr Fergus Green, Lecturer in Political Theory & Public Policy, University College London
Chaired by Rachel Withers

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2023 has shown us a planet on the brink of collapse. Cyclones, heatwaves, catastrophic floods, fires and landslides have killed people, destroyed ecosystems and decimated communities. And yet Australia is still yet to repair all the homes lost in the Black Summer bushfires of 2020 or the devastating Lismore floods of 2017 and 2022. No