Time for BCA to Get Facts Straight on Emissions Targets

A television commercial will begin airing nationally from 1 October, which features research from The Australia Institute exposing the Business Council of Australia’s (BCA) false claim that a 45% emissions reduction target would be ‘economy wrecking’.

Building on research that shows no evidence to back the BCA’s ‘economy wrecking’ claim, the advertisement identifies that Australia’s electricity sector can reduce emissions by far more than 45% with minimal impact on the economy.

The ad comes as a new report from The Australia Institute Climate & Energy program debunks the Morrison Government’s claim that Australia will meet the Paris target ‘in a canter’, demonstrating total emissions have been increasing since 2014 and without major policy measures or special international deals Australia will fall drastically short of the mark. 

The report shows the Government appears to be disconnected from its own Department of Environment, which maintains Australia’s total emissions have increased over the last four years and that trend is continuing. Australia Institute analysis shows emissions will keep climbing until Australia misses its Paris Target by 128 million tonnes.

“While there will be legitimate debate on the best and most effective climate policy for Australia, it is important that information is factual,” said Ben Oquist, Executive Director of The Australia Institute.

 “There is simply no evidence for the BCA’s claim that a 45% emissions target would be an ‘economy wrecking target.’

“In fact, our research finds the electricity sector can reduce emissions by far more than 45% with minimal impact on the economy.

“A 45% emissions reduction target for the electricity sector would be the minimum required for Australia to meet its Paris obligations in an economically efficient manner.

“The Government will need to announce serious emissions reduction policies if it is to have any hope of reaching the Paris target. Without those policies it will have no credibility and is simply paying lip service to climate change.”

A preview of The Australia Institute’s new television commercial can be viewed here.

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