Tony Abbott out of touch with Warringah

New polling shows Tony Abbott, Federal Member for Warringah, is out of touch with his electorate on issues of coal, renewable energy and climate change – and his electorate know it.

The Australia Institute commissioned a ReachTEL poll of 615 people in the electorate of Warringah, which was conducted on 11 July 2018.

Key results:

  • Majority (59%) of respondents want Australia to stay in the Paris Agreement, only 35.6%% of respondents want Australia to pull out of the agreement.
  • Most voters in Warringah (48%) want the Government’s emissions target increased from 26-28%.
  • Only 23.9% of respondents want a lower emissions target.
  • Half (50%) of Tony Abbott’s electorate disagree with his views on coal, renewable energy and climate change, only 36% agree.

“While attitudes to climate change differ in degrees, the vast majority of Australians want our government to play a constructive role in finding a global solution to climate change.” said Ben Oquist, Executive Director of The Australia Institute.

“The public certainly do not want Australia to take a wrecking-ball approach.

“The good news is that renewables are now cheaper than coal and when combined with storage and smart technology can bring costs down and provide power for everyone.”

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