War on renewables has no effect on voters: poll


New polling shows that despite a concerted campaign from sectors of the federal government and coal and gas industries, public support remains very high for renewable energy, and for the strengthening of state and federal targets. 

The poll, conducted by The Australia Institute through Research now, asked a representative sample of 1420 Australians about renewable energy policy.

  • 67% said Australia was moving into renewable energy too slowly. Only 9% said Australia was moving too fast.
  • 77% of Australians support a state renewable energy target to provide extra renewable energy in their state – virtually unchanged over the last 18 months.
  • 52% supported increasing the current federal Renewable Energy Target for 2020, only 9% wanted to reduce it.

“The war on renewables looks like the political version of the Somme. Furious attacks have not made any ground on the popularity of renewable energy,” Executive Director of The Australia Institute, Ben Oquist said.

“As prices for renewables and battery storage tumble, clean energy options continue to look better economically and politically.

“Changes to national electricity market rules – such as the introduction of the ‘5-minute rule’ – can ensure renewables, batteries and demand management are priced fairly and this this trend will accelerate,” Oquist said. 

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