National Energy Emissions Audit – December

by Hugh Saddler

The Australia Institute Climate & Energy Program has released the December National Energy Emissions Audit, authored by renowned energy expert Dr Hugh Saddler, covering emissions in the electricity sector over the previous month of November. 

Key findings:

  • Electricity sector emissions are trending downwards, however, these reductions have been swamped by rises in emissions in transport (23% since 2005), stationary energy (21% since 2005), and fugitive energy (41% since 2005).
  • Renewable energy generation (currently at record levels of 22.9%) may actually be higher than reported by AEMO, as their calculations do not include the significant amount of landfill gas and rooftop solar energy – both growing sectors.
  • The bulk of new wind and solar energy coming online is predominantly displacing gas generation, rather than coal.


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