National Energy Emissions Audit – November

by Hugh Saddler

Renewable generation in the National Energy Market (NEM) has reached a new record high, with all new energy generation over the last two months due to eight new solar farms coming online in the NEM, latest findings from the National Energy Emissions Audit show.

The Australia Institute Climate & Energy Program has released the November National Energy Emissions Audit authored by renowned energy expert, Dr Hugh Saddler, covering emissions in the electricity sector over the previous month of October.

Key findings:

  • Renewable energy generation in the NEM has reached a new record high – five consecutive months, and up by over 20% since the beginning of the year.
  • Solar power provided all new renewable energy generation over the last two months, due to eight new large-scale solar plants coming online in the past two months
  • Gas generation has been declining over 2018, down by almost 20% since the beginning of the year, due to high prices and strong competition from renewables.
  • South Australia could afford to shut down all its gas generation following upgrades to the network (including a new SA-NSW transmission link).
  • Snowy Hydro has been active all month storing energy from renewables, after ten years of little use.

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