Polling – Clean Energy Target

Most Australians support a Clean Energy Target and they want it to build renewables, including most voters for the Coalition and One Nation.

The Australia Institute surveyed 1,421 Australians in September 2017 about whether they supported a new Clean Energy Target.

  • Four in five (78%) said Yes: the Australian government should introduce a new Clean Energy Target to encourage the construction of new clean energy sources in Australia.
    • 11% said No and 11% said they were not sure.
    • Amongst voting groups
      • 72% of Coalition voters supported a Clean Energy Target (CET);
      • 85% of ALP voters said Yes to a CET;
      • 58% of One Nation voters said Yes, and 26% said No.
      • Support was higher amongst younger groups.
        • 88% of 18-24 year olds supported the CET.
        • The lowest was 69% amongst the 65 years+ age group.

Respondents were also asked what kind of generation should be supported by a new Clean Energy Target. Respondents could select all that applied.

  • 81% said the CET should build renewables like wind and solar.
  • Only 27% selected gas fired power and only 16% selected coal fired power.
  • Respondents selected 1.33 on average.
  • Amongst voting groups, 79% of LNP voters selected renewables, more than double gas (37%) and triple coal (24%), while 68% of One Nation voters selected renewables, again much higher than gas (24%) and coal (23%).

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