Polling: Cost of Living

The Australia Institute surveyed a sample of 1,379 Australians about their wages growth and the cost of living over the past year.

The results show that:

  • Seven in 10 Australians (72%) say their income grew slower than the cost of living over the past year, with 38% saying their income grew much slower.
  • Australians earning more than $200,000 were the only group where a majority (53%) said their income either grew as fast as or faster than the cost of living.
  • 40% of Australians feel that Labor has a better approach to cost of living and low wages growth, compared to 33% who feel the Coalition have a better approach.
  • By age group, only among Australians aged 60 and older do more trust the Coalition (38%) on issues of cost and living and low wages growth (Labor 35%).
  • More Australians living in metropolitan areas trust Labor than trust the Coalition (42% vs 31%); the reverse is true in rural areas (33% vs 38%).

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