Polling: Electric Vehicles in South Australia

In July 2021 The Australia Institute surveyed a representative sample of 599 South Australians. Respondents were asked about electric vehicles (EVs), the government’s proposed Road User Charge (RUC) and potential purchase incentives. Results show that a strong majority of South  Australians agree that EVs are good for the environment and support government efforts to increase the uptake of EVs but would be less likely to switch to an EV if the RUC is introduced.

Key findings:

  • Three in four South Australians (73%) agree that EVs reduce pollution and are good for the climate, health and the environment.
  • Four in 10 South Australians (42%) are considering making their next car an EV.
    • One in 10 (11%) say their next car definitely will be an EV while three in 10 (31%) say their next car may be an EV.
  • Seven in 10 South Australians (72%) support the government reducing the cost of EVs through subsidies and/or stamp duty waivers.
    • Support for subsidies and/or waivers is high among Liberal (75%), Labor (75%) and Greens (85%) voters.
  • Seven in 10 South Australians (69%) agree that the government introducing a Road User Charge would make them less likely to purchase an EV.

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