Polling – Fossil fuel sponsorship

The Australia Institute surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,409 Australians on their attitudes towards fossil fuel sponsorship.

Results show that the majority of Australians agree with statements about limiting fossil fuel sponsorship.

Key results:

  • Three in five Australians (60%) agree that fossil fuel sponsorship is the new cigarette sponsorship, more than double the number who disagree (27%).
  • Half of Australians (53%) agree that fossil fuel companies should be banned from sponsoring national sports teams, compared to 32% who disagree.
  • Most Australians (57%) agree that the Midwinter Ball at Parliament House should not have accepted sponsorship from fossil fuel companies, compared to one in four (24%) who disagree.

The Australia Institute is an accredited member of the Australian Polling Council. The polling methodology, long disclosure statement and margin of error for polling questions are included in the appendix of the report

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