Polling Research: Stage 3 Tax Cuts October 2022

In October, The Australia Institute surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,003 Australians about their views on the stage 3 tax cuts. The same question was asked of 1,409 Australians in September.1
The results show that support for the Labor Government repealing the stage 3 tax cuts has increased since September, while the number of people who “Don’t know” or are unsure has declined.

Key Results:

• Support has grown from two in five in September (41%) to nearly half of Australians in October (48%). Opposition has remained the same (both 22%).
• Since September, fewer Australians are unsure if they support repealing the stage 3 income tax cuts, dropping from 37% to 30%.
• Three in five men support repealing stage 3 income tax cuts (58%), one in four oppose (26%).
• Two in five women support repealing stage 3 income tax cuts (39%), one in five oppose (18%).
• While only 16% of men answer “Don’t know / Not sure”, it is the most popular response for women (43%).

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