Polling: Voluntary assisted dying and the Territories

Key results
The Australia Institute surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,434 Australians about their attitudes to voluntary assisted dying.

Results show that most Australians support voluntary assisted dying with appropriate safeguards, and the rights of territories to legislate their own voluntary assisted dying laws.

  • Three in four Australians (76%) agree with the principle that a person experiencing unrelievable suffering who asks to die should be allowed to receive the assistance of a doctor to do so.
  • Among Australians living outside of Victoria, four in five (79%) support their own state or territory passing similar voluntary assisted dying laws to Victoria’s, which allows eligible Victorians to access a lethal drug to end their life at a time of their choosing
  • Four in five Victorians (83%) support the current voluntary assisted dying laws.
  • Three in four Australians (76%) support the Commonwealth allowing territory governments to legalise voluntary assisted dying within their jurisdictions.

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