Submission: Senate inquiry into greenwashing

by Polly Hemming and Richard Denniss

The Australia Institute made a submission to the senate inquiry into greenwashing. 

It is no accident that there are no credible policies or regulatory measures to address rising emissions by industry in Australia. Nor is it an accident that there are no robust mechanisms to address misleading climate claims.

The fossil fuel industry and major emitters have set Australia’s policy agenda on climate. The result is a comprehensive policy framework where misleading climate claims by industry are not only accepted, they are actively sponsored by Federal Government.

The Australia Institute welcomes the current inquiry and recommends that the committee clarify the relative roles and responsibilities of governments and individuals when it comes to addressing the significant market failure associated with the imperfect, and at times clearly misleading, information currently being provided to customers and investors.

Our submission consists of this letter and four reports. 

Full submission

Cover Letter

State Sponsored Greenwash

ACCC Letter

The Grueen Transfer

Polling: Carbon neutrality, net zero and carbon offsets