The Australia Institute released new research showing Adani is not “ready to go” with its Carmichael coal mine and there are a number of significant reasons why Adani is not ready to proceed with its mine.

“One thing that can be said with certainty about the Adani coal mine is that whether it goes ahead or not will make almost no difference to the high levels of unemployment in Queensland,” said Richard Denniss, Chief Economist at the Australia Institute.

“There are 162,300 unemployed people in Queensland, 78,300 of which are outside of Brisbane, and if Adani goes ahead, and if it creates the 1,500 construction jobs its supporters keep talking about, the Queensland unemployment rate would fall from 5.9% to 5.84% — only to rise again once construction finishes.

“Supporters of the Adani coal mine have been offering false hope to regional Queenslanders that have suffered from decades of privatisation, deregulation and free trade agreements that have seen jobs lost in manufacturing, agriculture and the public sector. It would take more than 100 Adani mines to create enough jobs to solve Queensland’s unemployment problem.

“If the Morrison Government is serious about ensuring the Adani coal mine helps regional Queenslanders it should ban the use of robot trucks and robot trains in all new mines. Adani management have previously bragged that their Galilee coal mine will be ‘automated from pit to port’. How could any government allow that to happen?

“In three years’ time there is no doubt that global emissions will be higher, world demand for coal will be lower and that regional Queensland will still have high levels of unemployment.

“While it would be an environmental disaster for the Adani mine to go ahead, at least if it does Queensland voters might finally see that that it is the LNP, not those concerned with climate change, that have been playing politics with their futures,” siad Richard Denniss. 

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