Fiona Macdonald

Policy Director, Industrial and Social

Dr Fiona Macdonald is Policy Director, Industrial and Social with the Centre for Future Work. Her PhD in Political Science is from the University of Queensland. She also holds a Master of Social Science.

Previously Fiona worked as an industrial relations academic at RMIT University in Melbourne and at the University of South Australia and she is currently an Adjunct Principal Research Fellow in the College of Business and Law at RMIT. She has a background in research in the community and vocational education and training sectors and has worked with trade unions over many years. Fiona has written extensively on women, work and industrial relations, including on social care employment, insecure work, wage theft, gig work and contracting, equal pay, collective bargaining and low-paid workers. In 2021, her book Individualising Risk: Paid Care Work in the New Gig Economy was published by Palgrave Macmillan.

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