June 2022

‘We want to be part of that movement’: residents embrace renewable energy but worry how their towns will change

by Dan Cass in The Conversartion

Amid soaring energy costs, the new Labor government is working to deliver a A$20 billion pledge to rebuild and modernise Australia’s electricity grid. It will help deliver a plan for 122 gigawatts of new renewable energy in the National Electricity Market by 2050, eventually replacing coal generation. The transition will bring significant social, economic and environmental change. Electricity generation

February 2022

August 2021

April 2021

The security of the national electricity grid

featuring Ebony Bennett and Dan Cass

For the national electricity grid to function securely it needs control systems that keep frequency and voltage within safe limits. Historically this service has mainly been provided by coal, gas and hydro power stations. But could we get the same security from renewables and batteries? In this episode we’re doing a deep dive into making

February 2021

July 2020

How to make electricity bills cheaper

featuring Ebony Bennett and Dan Cass

In this week’s episode we explain how two changes to the rules of the National Electricity Market (NEM) will help reduce electricity bills, cut emissions, pave the way for more renewable energy and storage in the grid AND improve grid stability. It’s win-win-win-win. Host: Ebony Bennett, deputy director of the Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett // @theausinstitute Guests: Dan Cass, energy

May 2018

February 2018

Renewables as Climate Strategy: Generating Power From Energy

by Dan Cass

Clean energy technology is becoming competitive with fossil fuels, globally. This provides the basis for a new strategic approach to solving the political aspect of the climate threat.This is a speech given at ‘Imagining a Different Future Conference’, Hobart, on 8 February 2018, hosted by the University of Tasmania, the University of Utrecht Ethics Institute,

July 2017

March 2017

How to invent a clean energy company

by Dan Cass in EcoGeneration

This was first published in EcoGeneration online on 8 March 2017 and in the print edition. The common view of invention is that it is unexpected. The people who do it are extraordinary individuals. There are risk takers but also naturally creative geniuses. Ancient Archimedes came up with his theory of buoyancy by his spontaneous

August 2016

July 2016

Batteries beat baseload

Adam Giles, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, should know better than making solar and wind the scapegoat for energy price rises (‘Call for summit on energy crisis’, 18 July).  New energy management technologies will allow renewables to provide cheaper and better power than old ‘baseload’ technologies. As your editorial points out (‘SA energy madness’),

Variable and trustworthy

by Dan Cass

Reporter Michael Owen was a little too emotive when he described renewable energy as ‘untrustworthy’ (‘Warning of an energy crisis to hit nation’, 16 July). The accepted term is ‘variable’ and it has become clear that our energy system can readily handle high levels of variable generation. Variable generation will work better still in our

Mr Coal’s’ super ministry and the challenges of merging energy with the environment

by Dan Cass in The Guardian

Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to merge the environment and energy portfolios could lead to a breakthrough in the toxic climate politics that was unleashed when Tony Abbott rolled him in the December 2009 leadership coup. Or the new super-ministry and its new minister Josh Frydenberg could be set up for failure. It depends entirely on whether

June 2016

May 2016

Indi feels the power

by Dan Cass in RenewEconomy

The rapid rise of renewable energy technology has taken the world by surprise. Renewables have gotten cheaper faster than expected, while battery storage development is shaping up to radically change the way power our lives, from home, to work to the way we travel.    But this global phenomenon will play out locally, and in

March 2016

Beyond the market fetish: Using renewables to build political momentum for climate action

by Dan Cass in RenewEconomy

Dan Cass and Christopher Wright (Sydney Business School) Published on RenewEconomy (17 March 2016)  Following the enthusiasm generated by the Paris climate agreement, the focus for climate action now shifts back to nation states, which is where the hard work begins. Most nations have failed to make much progress on deep emissions cuts. Carbon prices lack

February 2016

Australia should follow Obama’s solar SunShot

by Dan Cass in RenewEconomy

Published by RenewEconomy and Sydney Environment Institute. The US government has announced a US$36 million program to develop technologies that turn solar PV and storage batteries into a new kind of decentralised, virtual power source which some are calling ‘the internet of energy’. This is just the kind of technological shift that excites our new

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