A clean energy future? The Australia Institute’s analysis of the government’s carbon tax announcement

Has the PM “knocked the brick wall down”?

CO2”I’ve knocked the brick wall down; this is going through, this is done, full stop.” Prime Minister Julia Gillard, 10 July 2011.

The good news is that the modest carbon price announced yesterday will neither impoverish Australians nor bankrupt our economy. The bad news is that the modest carbon price announced yesterday won’t save the planet either.

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A win for voluntary action

voluntary actionThe plan negotiated between the government, the Greens and the Independents has finally acknowledged the need to empower individuals and communities to do their bit extra.

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Is climate change a left wing issue?

Reform The Ross Garnaut-commissioned CSIRO’s report Australians’ views of climate change last year polled 3096 Australians and found that the biggest single predictor of whether Australians believe that global warming is caused by humans is their voting intentions. Voting intention would seem to be a strange thing to correlate with an issue that is essentially scientific.

Does that make climate change a left wing issue?

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renewable energyThe Green Institute is conducting a series of ‘Green Schools’ in July and August which offer “an opportunity for in-depth discussion on the big social, economic and environmental issues, learning hands-on skills and meeting like-minded people”.

For more information, and to enrol, go to The Green Institute’s website.

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