The transition towards a low-carbon future is a pressing issue, and household electrification has emerged as a critical component of Australia’s ongoing shift in energy use. In response, The Australia Institute commissioned a research report to better understand current public sentiment towards home and vehicle electrification via new community research. This report provides a snapshot of where Australian households currently stand.

The survey captures the opinions of a diverse sample of Australians, from different demographics and regions, providing valuable insights into the attitudes and behaviours of the wider population. The findings of the report can inform public policy development, at both a state and national level, to help guide Australia to a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

Specific research objectives were to understand:

• Current and potential electric vehicle use and the consideration factors for combustion engine vs. electric vehicles (EVs);
• Household energy and appliance choices and factors in the consideration of gas vs. electric appliances; and
• Key barriers and motivations for purchasing electric vehicles or installing electric appliances.

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