Fair Dinkum Power Senate Submission

by Richie Merzian and Dan Cass

The Australia Institute has long argued that the decline of fossil fuels in the electricity sector presents great opportunities for consumers, in terms of affordability, reliability and sustainability.

The traditional model of centralised generators with a monopoly on supply is dying. Information and computing technology is providing the capability for consumers to flip the switch and become ‘prosumers’, able to produce, store, trade and manage electricity.

Everyday Australians are leading this revolution. Australia is the leading rooftop solar nation – recently surpassing 2 million solar households. In the outer reaches of our cities and rural and regional areas, up to 1 in 3 households have their own little power station on the roof, helping lower prices for all consumers.

In this submission, The Australia Institute will highlight our previous submissions and reports from our dedicated Climate & Energy Program, as well as other sources of information that address the Committee’s Terms of Reference.

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