Submission to Tasmania’s Sustainability Strategy

by Evie Simpson and Eloise Carr

The delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) must be integrated into national and subnational planning if there is to be any chance of success at a global level. Tasmania’s forthcoming Sustainability Strategy provides an opportunity to identify sustainability issues in Tasmania and develop a roadmap to address them. Achieving the SDGs at a state level requires ambition from all sectors, but it hinges on a strong commitment from the Tasmanian government to take strong action to address sustainability issues.

To ensure the Sustainability Strategy will drive Tasmania’s achievement of the SDGs, the Australia Institute Tasmania recommends the following:

  1. Strong action on climate change, including protecting the natural environment, should underpin Tasmania’s Sustainability Strategy.
  2. The Sustainability Strategy should be based on clear, ambitious, quantifiable and time-bound targets that are evidence-based and will result in improved sustainability outcomes for Tasmania.
  3. The Sustainability Strategy should have regular reporting of progress against SDGs, including yearly update reports and online reporting against SDG Indicators.
  4. The findings of Tasmania’s SOE report should inform goals and targets of the Sustainability Strategy.

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