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Federal Budget 2016: Econobabble Bingo

‘Public figures and commentators use econobabble to dress up their self-interest as the national interest, to make the absurd seem inevitable or the inequitable seem fair.’ — Richard Denniss  This year we’ve put together an Econobabble bingo sheet so that you can play along at home this Budget Night — how much econobabble will you be

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What would you choose?

You can only spend a dollar once. When Queensland governments spend $9.5 billion on mining industry assistance, it’s $9.5 billion not available to schools, hospitals, roads, teachers, nurses, police officers, firefighters or doctors. Queensland leads the nation in mining assistance and lags behind the rest of the nation in social services investment. There’s an easy

Coal is an ex-canary

The world’s largest private coal company has lost 96% of its value in four years.  Bereft of life, coal is the ex-canary. 

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Coal in the Southern Highlands – Fact Sheet

by Rod Campbell and Cameron Amos

There are currently proposals to build one new coal mine and extend an existing coal mine in the southern highlands. With coal prices low and the future of the industry uncertain this flact sheet places these coal proposals into context. For more information read The Australia Institute’s full report on coal in the Southern Highlands

February 2015

Galilee is game, set & match

In February 2015 Obama vetoed the Keystone XL oil pipeline on economic and environmental grounds. It’s the first time a US President has vetoed a major fossil fuel project. Many will now look to Australia, where the proposed Galilee coal project would move even more carbon to be burned.


Today’s unemployment figures hit 6.4%. Even in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis, amidst the worst global recession since the 1930s, Australia’s unemployment rate was lower. 

A friendly reminder to Premier Baird

Hot on the heels of the Queensland state election, NSW goes to the polls in March to decide a few issues of its own. Here are some lessons NSW Premier Mike Baird might want to take from exit polling we did in the sunshine state. 

December 2014

Mining is not a large employer

The Australia Institute has been arguing for years that mining is a small employer. Last week Brendan O’Connor, the Shadow Minister for Employment, agreed with us. Thanks Brendan, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Why hide the gender facts?

The Shadow Minister for women Claire Moore has called on the public service to not rule out quotas for women in management. Major federal departments are failing at putting women into management roles but they are not the only ones. Women make up only 36% of managers across the whole workforce. What’s more there are

November 2014

Every tonne of carbon is doing you damage

Australia’s $105 billion Future Fund continues to invest public money in fossil fuels arguing that there is a “safe use” of fossil fuels. We checked the facts and discovered even the US government estimates every tonne of carbon emissions comes at a cost. Read our fact check here: tonne of carbon is doing you damage.

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