February 2014

November 2013

Gas crisis for NSW?

The gas industry wants us to believe that gas prices will RISE unless we extract more coal seam gas. But as this INFOGRAPHIC shows, they have a good reason to want to get their hands on more gas and send it overseas. SHARE this infographic on Facebook to help bust this gas industry myth. Source: Cooking up a price rise

Government cuts foreign aid

Did you know Australia spends more on subsidies for the mining industry than it does on foreign aid? We like to think of ourselves as the ‘lucky country’, but should we be more generous too? SHARE this infographic if you think Australia should do more to help those in need.

October 2013

Work through or take a break?

Do you skip lunch because you are too busy at work? Think working through will help you get more done? You could be working against yourself. 79% of workers who take a break say it makes them more productive. Get involved in Go Home On Time Day and SHARE this infographic to start a conversation. Source: Hard to get a

September 2013

Mental health at work

When thinking about work makes us anxious it is time we did something differently. Register your business to participate in national Go Home on Time Day – www.gohomeontimeday.org.au – 20 November 2013. Source: Hard to get a break?

Hard to get a break?

Something in Aussie workplaces needs to change! 3.4 million Aussies are eating lunch at their desk, while 2.8 million say they want to work more hours. Whether you’re overworked or underworked the consequences for your health, relationships and workplace are significant. Sign up for Go Home on Time Day – 20 November 2013 – and

How will job cuts affect Canberra?

The Coalition plans to cut at least 12,000 public service jobs. If all of the jobs are cut from Canberra’s economy the capital is likely to go into recession and thousands of private sector jobs will also be lost. Source: Cut, cut, cut

August 2013

Where is the budget emergency?

Tony Abbott says Australia is facing a ‘budget emergency’, but how bad is it really? This infographic shows where Australia’s economy sits on a global scale and we are doing pretty well for ourselves!

Youth decide

What are the most important election issues for Australia’s youth?Jobs, housing, marriage equality and university funding are the issues most likely to win the votes of Australians under the age of 25. But are our politicians addressing these issues and fighting to win these crucial votes? Youth issues could decide who wins this federal election.

July 2013

Why do women end up poorer in retirement?

Is super fair?Women retire with substantially less super than men, but that’s because they take time off work to care for children and elderly parents, right? Well, that’s not the whole story. Women retire with far less superannuation than men, even if they continue to work full time and don’t take time away from paid

Happy 1st Birthday Carbon Tax!

One year old and the Carbon Tax isn’t showing any signs of being the “wrecking ball” to the economy Tony Abbott has suggested. Why is a party leader who supported the introduction of the GST, which has a greater effect on the cost of living than the Carbon Tax, so determined to repeal the Carbon

May 2013

Can mining survive the Gillard Government?

Claims that the carbon price and mining tax will destroy the mining industry in Australia are at odds with the level of investment that the industry is making. To invest billions of dollars every year you must be confident that your industry has a positive future. As this infographic shows, since the mining tax was first

Live animal exports in context

Live export is not critical to the Australian economy–Ever wondered why politicians are so quick to defend the live export industry each and every time animal cruelty is exposed? They leave you with the impression that live export is critical to Australia’s economy. So you may be surprised to learn that political support for the

April 2013

Can governments tackle poverty?

Australia spends more on subsidies to the booming mining industry than it would cost to increase the Newstart Allowance by $50 per week. The costs of alleviating poverty are miniscule when compared with the costs of dealing with poor health, low education, employment opportunities and crime directly caused by poverty. Even with a budget deficit

How foreign is foreign aid?

Quick quiz: Do you know which countries are the top three recipients of Australian foreign aid? Answer: 1. Indonesia 2. PNG 3. AUSTRALIA ……. But hang on, you said foreign aid, right? Yep – Australia is the third biggest recipient of its own foreign aid! And look what we’re spending it on ….. That’s poor

March 2013

Super not so super

Even though women received the right to vote 110 years ago, new research by The Australia Institute has found they are still earning 17.4% than men in the workplace.  This translates to far less super for women to retire on in the future. If women take time off to have children, care for an elderly parent or

February 2013

December 2012

Chipping away at Australian forests

Ever wondered what happens to Tasmania’s beautiful native forests when they are logged? The answer will shock you! As our latest infographic shows just 3% is used for sawn wood and wood-based panels. A STAGGERING 65% GETS LEFT TO ROT (OR BURN) ON THE FOREST FLOOR, while 23% gets turned into wood chips for export. Contrary

Are the climate sceptics melting away?

What if Australia was melting as quickly as the Arctic? This year saw the largest recorded melting of Arctic sea ice, demonstrating the effect of global warming. Sea ice coverage this past northern summer was 3.8 million km2 less than the average in the 1980s. That is an area approximately half the size of Australia!!

How our ‘big 4’ banks became too big to fail

How our ‘big 4’ banks became too big to failOur new infographic released today shows how the ‘big 4’ banks have eaten up smaller and independent banks, reducing competition and choice for consumers. Our paper ‘The rise and rise of the big banks’ reveals Australia’s big banks make more than $1460 profit for every man,

November 2012

Overworkitis: know the warning signs

Are you suffering from overworkitis? New research by The Australia Institute has found that millions of Australians experience unpredictable work hours, work unpaid overtime, don’t have enough time to exercise or have difficulty taking their annual leave.

August 2012

Carbon price tug-of-war

Carbon price tug-of-warUnder the carbon price the government will collect more than $7 billion in revenue by encouraging Australians to reduce their emissions, yet at the same it will pay almost twice as much in subsidies to encourage the use of fossil fuels.If subsidies are greater than penalties, how effective are current policies as tools

July 2012

Felt lonely lately?

Have you felt lonely lately? Well you’re not alone. New research by The Australia Institute shows that more Australians are experiencing loneliness now than in the early 2000s. Men are lonelier than women, the risk of loneliness increases if you’re raising kids, but where you live or how much you earn are not key determinants.

Is Australia a high tax country?

Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world living in the wealthiest point in world history and in the middle of a mining boom. It is inconceivable that in tomorrow’s #budget we cannot ‘afford’ to spend more on mental health services, dental care, indigenous welfare, and public education to name just a few

Is Australia a high debt country?

The Coalition has repeatedly claimed that the Australian government is borrowing excessively and that high levels of debt are a burden on our prosperity.  In fact, the opposite is true. Over recent decades we have had very low levels of government debt compared to other nations of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

December 2011

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